How to enable your firewall (for those new to ChaletOS/Linux)

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How to enable your firewall (for those new to ChaletOS/Linux)

Post by BroDan on Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:30 am

Though Linux is very secure from malware and viruses, it doesn't hurt to take an additional safety measure by enabling your firewall. ChaletOS comes with a firewall built in, but there is no interface for it. If you're new to ChaletOS (and Linux), this is the "easiest" way to enable your firewall and have an interface for it...

1. Pull up the Ubuntu Software Center
2. In the search bar, type gufw
3. Click on Firewall Configuration
4. Click Install

After it's installed, you can find it in the "Settings" category of your menu listed as Firewall Configuration.

5. When you find it in your menu, click on Firewall Configuration
6. Enter your password
7. When the Firewall interface appears, simply click the area that says "Off". It will then switch to "On". Just close the interface, and you're all set.

The firewall can be configured further, but for the casual user, the default settings should serve you well.

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