[ Solved ] Belkin router, unable to open router settings.

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[ Solved ] Belkin router, unable to open router settings.

Post by xyis1 on Sat May 23, 2015 1:01 pm

[ Solved ] Belkin router, unable to open router settings.

I tried for several hours trying to figure out why I couldn't login to Belkin router settings page.

I tried everything.

I just get some number-word combination and no settings.

I booted from USB - live linux and bingo Belkin router settings access granted and then I changed to the settings I wanted to and it works but still can't access from linux on harddisk, cleared browsing history tried hosts reset etc but it only works on linux live.

Some settings make it not to work.

Problem solved using Linux live boot and, what the hell is this problem?

The problem is the web browser. I reset it and problem solved.

1. Show menu - Firefox and Iceweasel

2 Go to HELP

3. Go to troubleshooting information

4. Click Refresh and problem solved.

I reset/refresh the browser again and didn't install network tweak addon and I can now, access router setting in the browser.

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