You Offer Installation with LVM and Also No Help on Backup Grub2 or LVM ...

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You Offer Installation with LVM and Also No Help on Backup Grub2 or LVM ...

Post by CuriousHelp on Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:41 am

I have searched this forum prior to posting this question and either I typed in the wrong text or there is no current postings.

I find it interesting that your installation process offers to install with LVM, but I find no help or explanation of what to expect during this procedure what would be normal or changeable.  

LVM is a bit more complex, but it offers more flexibility when you need to add more storage into Volume Groups.  So if ChaletOS was installed into a desktop where more drives could be added as the need arises (i.e. storing more Games, Photos, and/or Downloads of any type),  you would not have any instructions or tutorials to follow for this need.  

In a similar light, I am not able to locate any information on how to protect (via backups) the GRUB2 configuration or LVM configurations or have a backup program to create an image (byte for byte) backup of my current or initial installation of ChaletOS for quick recovery of the entire system installation as is.  

If you are interested, I tried on my own to create a separate mountable /home directory.  I ended up with booting into a Grub-rescue >  prompt and this is the reason for this general question.  I did find in this forum the YouTube video on how to create a separate /home directory.  I wish to thank James Tobin for this video and his work to create it.  

An image backup, this is and would be the best protection for anyone and also from Attacks like Ransomware.  Can anyone direct me to this information and can the developers address my interest ?  
Thanks ! ahead of time.

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Re: You Offer Installation with LVM and Also No Help on Backup Grub2 or LVM ...

Post by oxo42 on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:25 pm

Hi and welcome
Help will be available soon.
In the meantime I can give you help with backup and restore,
System > application Center > Ubuntu Software > use search box type "Systemback" > click install.

                  Good Luck.

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