problem with network icon

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problem with network icon

Post by nule4 on Fri Dec 23, 2016 9:17 pm

had two problems:
install latest version 16.04 on old system, intel pentium 2.5 single core 512gb ddr1 , gpu ati 9250 with 128mb ram. system is very fluid, huawei usb modem e3131 works first time i boot system and lan network is conected.
1. another time i boot system it recognised wired connection and mobile connection. when i start mobile connection network icon dissapired from sys tray and no connection is established. no icon till i boot again but it dissapired again when i tray to connect. disable wired connection, try to unplag lan cable, try official huawei modem drivers, no change. wired connection work allright.
2. cant see files in shared network. i see all computers, workgroup, but cant access files from them, always ask for pc name and password, but whatever i type it bring back panel that request pc name, password. 3 pc are connected chalet os 16.04, windows7 and ubuntu mate 16.04 over lan router. chaletos see another 2 pc,s but it can access shared files, ubuntu mate see other 2 pc,s can access windows shared files but cant access chaletos, windows 7 see ubuntu mate but cant see chalet os pc. i disabled firewall in chaletos, but no change.

thanks in advance.

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