Quirks booting/installing on acer aspire

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Quirks booting/installing on acer aspire

Post by famewolf on Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:46 am

I booted a dvd of the i686 iso on my older acer aspire 3000 laptop. This has a sempron cpu, 2gb of ram and 128gb of storage on an ide ssd. First issue was the trackpad physical buttons didn't work. Tapping and double tapping of the trackpad DID so that was confusing. This issue actually ties into the 2nd issue.

The 2nd issue I hit was the keyboard booted up with numlock enabled by default. This played some havoc for a while because instead of typing "jkl;" I received "123+" which is what holding the function key down would have given normally. After fighting with it for a while I stumbled across pressing Function and F11 which enabled/disabled numlock. After doing this the keyboard worked as expected and as an added bonus the two trackpad physical buttons also began functioning as expected. I can only assume that "Function left click" and "Function right click" were not setup to do anything.

I ran into similar issues when running the "direct install" from the grub menu as it also booted with numlock enabled. It was simple to disable once I knew what needed to be done so it may be as simple as posting a message indicated to try disabling numlock if the trackpad buttons don't work or if instead of letters you get numbers. I'm unsure if once set it will remember to keep numlock disabled..I guess I'll find out after the install finishes (it's running to the right of me).

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