How can I Use 3 SSD's in Raid0 to install Chaletos onto

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How can I Use 3 SSD's in Raid0 to install Chaletos onto

Post by sparks79 on Sat Sep 10, 2016 5:47 pm

My m/b is Gigabyte GA-H97-Gaming 3 , with 32gb Ram, 3x 120gb Samsung Evo SSD's, onboard Video etc.
When I Try to install Chaletos with the Raid Setup in the Bios, the install Fails at the end.
Now I have read somewhere that you can use Mdadm to setup raid after Chalet is installed.
This seems to me to be defeating the Purpose of the raid for my setup , which I think that the O/S would gain the Speed from being installed and Running from a Raid0 Array.
I am new to linux, being a windows user for the last 26 years and there are a lot things I am used to in windows and am having trouble understanding in linux.
At present I only have windows 10 setup and no linux.
So I would like to Wipe Windows and Setup Raid0 Ready to install Chaletos onto the Raid.
Could some kind person please tell me How to Do This.
There are a lot of other things about linux I don't understand and if I can't sort them out I think I may have to give Linux a Miss and stay with windows.
Like, How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to Gmail and Gmail Contacts, I spent Days on this and still can't do it.
And during the install it suggests downloading Updates, that's ok but Language Packs, why , I only use English.??.
And a Password for every bloody thing, when I am the only user of my PC , Having to use Password for every dam thing I do is beyond the joke.
I am only 68 years young so please be easy on me.

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Re: How can I Use 3 SSD's in Raid0 to install Chaletos onto

Post by James Tobin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:56 am

gah this forum bot keeps not notifying me right. I didnt mean to miss your post. something is wrong with it Sad

I dont know much about raid, let me find someone who does.


The only good thing about Windows is that it never gives you any terminal illnesses.
Needless to say, Terminal illnesses are the only problem with Linux.
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