Finally found the right Linux distro

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Finally found the right Linux distro

Post by daniel on Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:59 pm

like many others I have been searching for the "right" Linux version for quite a long time.
My main OS is still Windows 7 but I will definitely not continue with Win 10, so I have been long searching for an alternative.
I tried many distros, but the different Ubuntu flavors did not really impress me. I looked at Mint and also stayed with ElementaryOS for a bit longer, but none of them did really feel right. I admit that I am really into "eye candy" and therefore willing to sacrifice a lot of RAM ^^
On the other hand I liked ChaletOS right from the start and I think that I finally found "my" Linux distro.
There are a few Windows applications which I definitely won't swap for Linux applications, I will need to make Photoshop and iTunes work in Linux as well (I am also buying music at iTunes, so there is not really an alternative to it). But that's all, in general I am quite happy with ChaletOS.


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Re: Finally found the right Linux distro

Post by James Tobin on Sat Aug 20, 2016 8:13 pm

Thank you for choosing Chalet OS! I'm glad you are happy with it, it has been a very, very successful work. I moved to Chalet OS from Zorin OS because it is smarter, more beautiful, and not so buggy!

I hope you enjoy your installation! God bless!


The only good thing about Windows is that it never gives you any terminal illnesses.
Needless to say, Terminal illnesses are the only problem with Linux.
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