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Post by James Tobin on Sun May 29, 2016 6:26 am

I'm reporting 2 bugs I'm experiencing. The one, interestingly, happens on my 32 bit desktop with chalet OS too. Now I put it on my laptop 64 bit and it also happens. That is that when I suspend my computer, I lose my mouse when the computer resumes. No visible cursor but I can navigate and see where my mouse is by what's highlighted. very difficult to do anything. Only cure is to log out and back in.

Second bug doesn't get to be tested on a desktop. IT's a touchpad problem on my acer aspire V5. When i have touchpad enabled it's always going nuts. the mouse never stays still even if i am not touching it. I miss my touchpad Sad Tochpad can be frustrating but it is nice to not have to take my hands so far off the keyboard.


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