I try to change the rights of my HDD for Samba sharing

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I try to change the rights of my HDD for Samba sharing

Post by beun on Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:41 am

Hi all,

Just what the title tells, I try to change the rights of my HDD but nothing happens actually. I hope anyone can help me out...




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Re: I try to change the rights of my HDD for Samba sharing

Post by bluphoenyx on Sun May 29, 2016 5:58 am

Well, this can be a difficult question to answer because there are many factors that can influence the situation. For example, what type of drive or more specifically, what type of file system is on the partition that you intend to share? If the file system is NTFS, then it may need to be mounted as a particular user to allow write capability. This step would be done in the /etc/fstab file by adding the options uid=username and gid=username. You supply the actual username and it only works, AFAIK, for NTFS-3G mounts.

Keep in mind that most access control is handled by the SAMBA software. With standard shares such as a public directory, the share should be defined with specific read/write settings in the /etc/samab/smb.conf file. Typically, a line that says:

create mask = 0777

or 0755. 0777 should set read/write/execute bits for everyone, but this is very insecure so caution is advised. 0755 should set read/write/execute for the actual owner and read/write for group and others. Directory settings will have their own line and this is crucial for file systems that have access bits such as ext2,3,4. Failure to set them could result in directories that only the user or root can access. Something like this:

directory mask = 0755

The SAMBA server can be very picky so it may be useful to limit any configuration edits to minimal changes. There is an applet found in synaptic that may help called 'system-config-samba' that makes the process fairly easy. Unfortunately, it may have problems during initial use. I had to create the file /etc/libuser.conf using the following command:

sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf

after that, the program seems to function properly. Once installed, it is available from the ChaletOS control panel or the settings sub-menu. Once changes have been made, restart the smbd services.

sudo service smbd restart
sudo service nmbd restart

the latter may not be absolutely necessary, but it doesn't hurt either.

Hope this English answer will help the OP or anyone else with SAMBA issues. I tried the GADMIN program from synaptic as well, but it resulted in shares that weren't accessible after a reboot. The simple applet functioned well for my small networks.

BTW, watch for firewall problems if one is running. Some firewalls can block access to SMB shares.

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Re: I try to change the rights of my HDD for Samba sharing

Post by James Tobin on Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:47 pm

You could be more specific as to what is happening after you set drive as shared (how you know there's a problem). Unfortunately I cant read German dialog box but I'm guessing your setting folder as shared and that's the confirmation then you can't access shared folder?


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Re: I try to change the rights of my HDD for Samba sharing

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